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Frequently Asked Questions

Especially first time cruisers may have a lot of questions about booking their shore excursions in Cozumel not through the cruise line but using Cozumel Exucursions by CozumelMexicoTours.Com

Here is a sample of frequently asked questions:

Q: There are many tour and excursion websites about Cozumel. Where are you guys located?
A: Unlike many other Cozumel websites, we are actually located in Cozumel. Our main office is in the center of Cozumel town. We have an international 1-800 phone number and also a local office phone number where you can find us at any time.

Q: What is the difference between booking through the cruise line or with a local operator?
A: There are several differences. A local operator is able to offer you a better variety of departure times, offers sometimes the exact same tour but for a better price, has a broader tour offer and provides higher value.

Q: The cruise lines are recommending not to book with local operators as passengers may miss their ship. Is this true?
A: As we can only speak for our company, this is a completely misleading recommendation as the cruise lines prefer you booking with them and paying them their extremely high commission. Since the very first day of our operation, there has never been any client missing or even nearly missing their ship. We specialize in this market and know exactly at what time our clients need to be back at the pier. Guaranteed.

Q: Why should I book with you? Can I trust you?
A: Good question! Let's put it this way. We are Shore Excursion professionals with more than 30 years combined experience and not one complaint. We are from Cozumel and know the area and people by heart.  This is not just a job, this is our way of life. We are certified by local authorities and have an official and legal company for selling and operating shore tours and excursions. We are also supervised by the Department of Commerce of this state. Honesty and reliability qualify us, safety and quality mark our tours and services.

Q: I am not very comfortable reserving over the internet, what security can you give me?
A: That is another good question. First, we are using (by Ebay) as our online payment processing company. They are rated as the safest online payment method by many businesses, institutions, magazines, critics, etc. Your credit card information will never be seen by anybody and the reservation is instant. We never ask for your credit card information over the phone or email so it is absolutely safe. Compare it to a waiter who takes your card to process it in the back office and comes back to the table...did you feel safe? No, he might copy your card information, and something similar can never happen using our encoded online transactions. With the internet nowadays, if there were ever any issues of trustworthiness, word online travels fast.  We trust in the most professional procedures and protect your interests which in turn protects our business!

Q: Do I need to reserve and pay for my tour or shore excursion in advance?
A: No, on most excursions we only require payment of the deposit when you make your reservation.  We do not and can not take payment for the complete balance. The balance must be paid directly to the operator when you arrive for your excursion, all necessary details will be printed on your electronic shore excursion and tour ticket. Furthermore we guarantee your deposit refund in case your ship arrives late, you can’t make it to the tour or the ship skips Cozumel for any reason. Please check the terms and conditions as well as the cancellation policy of the excursions you are interested in.

Q: What confirmation will I receive after payment of the deposit?
A: Normally within 1 hour of your order and deposit payment, you will receive a confirmation email and your e-ticket. We ask that you please print the ticket or keep a copy on your device and present to the tour representative upon arrival. It will contain all relevant information for your tour and meeting point, along with your order number that the operator has. Confirmation of your booking may take up to a maximum of 48 hours to confirm in some rare cases.

Q: I have more questions for you. How can I talk to a representative right now?
A: Our office is open from Monday to Friday 8am to 9pm, Saturdays and Sundays from 8am to 4pm. A very easy way is to call us toll free at 1-866-317-2999 or visit us on Live Chat on our website.  Emails will be answered as quickly as possible also outside office hours.